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Several years ago we recognized that the evolving security landscape around cloud, virtualization, SaaS and IoT would lead to a need, and therefore opportunity, to revolutionize and advance the encryption key management and storage industry.

This lead to the development of KeyNexus as a Unified Key Management (UKM) platform to help customers with their on-premise and cloud-based key management and storage needs.

Fast-forward to today; our team works closely with security professionals to deploy and evolve our innovative KMS technology and solve unique customer key management requirements. We evolve products and solutions in-tandem with the security needs of cloud, SaaS, mobile and enterprise use cases.

Unified Key Management (UKM) allows enterprises to leverage a single, central key management server to support many different encryption and security use cases. This eliminates the need to support multiple key management tools on-premise and in the cloud. UKM also dramatically reduces the inherent complexity of the encryption key lifecycle. KeyNexus is growing and innovating. We look forward to working with you to write the next chapter of this story.

Using the KeyNexus platform, businesses of all sizes can now protect their cloud or enterprise data by implementing enterprise-grade, hardware-based encryption key storage and are never required to give up ownership or management of their encryption keys. By making it quick, easy and affordable to benefit from real HSMs, from any number of cloud, SaaS or mobile platforms, our goal is to help businesses securely migrate more workloads the cloud to maximize their benefits from cloud consumption.

Jeff MacMillan- CEO

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