Ecommerce Transaction Security and High Availability: Key Management Solutions

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Online retail has exploded in recent years. In 2017, it was estimated that globally nearly 1.66 billion people spent approximately $2.3 trillion via online retailers. By 2021, the total amount spent online is estimated to nearly double. The amount of money spent makes online retailers a prime target of malicious attacks.  Data breaches and the loss of financial information causes irreparable reputational damage.  At the same time, online retailers deal with an astronomical number of individual transactions, which come with the potential for system failures or delays.  In a competitive, cutthroat online market, this poses a threat to functionality: data transfer or transactional delays (i.e. latency) can lead to drastic decreases in both traffic and sales.  This week, we want to turn to another use case to show how KeyNexus can help you enhance your ecommerce transaction security to avoid such problems.

Let’s take a hypothetical global online retailer (GOR). GOR’s transaction volumes vary from day-to-day, and they need to ensure two things: 1) that they provide secure, encrypted sessions for each check-out; 2) that latency, which is unavoidable with encryption, is minimized. These are key to maintaining a trust relationship with customers, ensuring repeat business and no loss of reputation that would drive away potential customers. GOR has several online payment systems, including PayPal, integrated into its website. While PayPal and their other payment systems encrypt data, GOR needs a key manager that can accommodate transaction volumes that vary from thousands to millions of transactions per week, maintaining both ecommerce transaction security and a system that avoids latency. They also require a key manager with failsafe mechanisms: any potential breakdown of their key manager, no matter how temporary, would prevent sales from occurring or could result in the loss of existing records and data. To avoid this, GOR requires high availability capacities.

KeyNexus’ Unified Key Manager (UKM) provides a scalable, flexible and secure key management solution, with high availability built into its architecture. To begin with, our UKM can scale to GOR’s needs, offering from thousands to millions of concurrent keys, which can be integrated into GOR’s on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure. This scalability not only enables fluctuating volumes of transactions to occur but maintains the ecommerce transaction security necessary to build a trust relationship with customers. Our scalability is paired with a flexible architecture that offers operational choice to help reduce latency. Centrally, our UKM would allow GOR to better distribute their workloads, depending upon the volume of transactions on any given day: GOR can give the key manager access near particular data centers that are encrypting transactions to help limit latency. Our UKM includes high availability, with master-master configurations. With this capacity, our UKM can create multiple nodes for GOR, with each node being master capable. When temporary key management breakdowns or failures occur (i.e. when one of the key management nodes breaks down or experiences latency), the other nodes automatically step in and establish a new master node. Because they are all master capable, there is no loss of efficiency or functionality in the event of such break downs – each node contains the identical data and features as the original master node. With our UKM, GOR won’t have to worry about latency affecting sales or traffic, and their system will continue to work securely and efficiently.


For more information on how we can help to meet your transactional security needs, contact us or request a demo.

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