KMIP: Why Every Company Will Need to Know This Term

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What is KMIP and Why Is It So Important?

Key management is a complex but necessary part of modern data management. But with the need for interoperability between multiple cloud platforms, physical locations, and vendors, it also seems to require expensive outsourcing or keeping a security expert on staff to manage this complexity. Luckily, all of this is no longer necessary with key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) – a term that every company should know moving forward.

Put simply, KMIP is a universal language for secure data management across platforms.  Before KMIP, different platforms and vendors often spoke different languages, necessitating increased infrastructural, operational and training costs to manage the different security communication lines between these environments. KMIP makes sure that the different key management environments can speak a common language by abstracting key management from specific applications and centralizing management systems with no effect on performance. Utilizing a uniform interface, it thus enables communication between different cryptographically-enabled applications, simplifying the management of keys, and eliminating unnecessary and incompatible processes.

Leaders in the technology sector such as IBM, Dell, HP and Oracle have adopted KMIP, with other vendors and platforms have following suit.  All of this has made KMIP the de facto industry standard.  But more than an industry standard, KMIP provides a more efficient and compatible tool for your organization’s needs.  Indeed, it is central not merely to maintaining the integrity of your data, but to the integration of multiple key management systems across platforms and vendors, and to the cost efficiency of your technological infrastructure.

Additionally, by streamlining the interoperability of different cryptographic environments, you don’t need to be an expert to stay on top of key management.  More to the point, KMIP allows consolidation on the server side to a single platform – KeyNexus’ KMIP server.  Our server allows you to use KMIP as a seamless part of your overall key management operations, where you can centrally manage, store, and consolidate key-management tasks across cloud, SaaS, on-premise systems, and endpoint devices like mobile and IoT.  Our server also includes integrated features and capabilities like intelligent key management, advanced policy control, and enhanced access control for users and keys.

If you want to learn more about KeyNexus’ KMIP server, please visit our website to schedule a demo:


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