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KeyNexus – Enterprise Key Management & Storage – Our Story

Cloud computing, virtualization, IoT, and an ever-shifting and complex threat landscape have led to an opportunity to revolutionize and advance Enterprise Key Management & Storage.  We recognized early on that de-centralization and distribution of workloads called for a new approach to encryption key storage.  As a result, KeyNexus was born to offer solutions that meet customer demand for secure, platform agnostic and centralized key management, storage and provisioning.

Today, we work closely with customers and security architects to deploy and evolve our core technology.  We continuously solve for unique customer key storage requirements.  We evolve products and solutions in-tandem with the security needs of cloud, SaaS, mobile and enterprise industries.

And yet, in many respects, our story is just beginning.

We were first to realize customers desired groundbreaking levels of convenience, flexibility and security in key consumption.  Not stopping there, KeyNexus also spotted demand for higher degrees of flexibility in the means by which keys themselves are stored.  As a result, we were first to market in the Key Storage as a Service (KSaaS) space and first to support hybrid architectures of on-premise and SaaS-based key storage.  These two unique delivery models speak to the nuanced requirements of Enterprise Security:

  • Cloud-hosted KSaaS for secure, hosted, HSM-backed key storage
  • On-premise, customer-hosted, key storage delivered in an as-a-service format

Two solutions providing flexible sets of customer options.  KeyNexus addresses, like no other company can, one-off needs regarding security, compliance, and cost of operations trade-offs.  Therefore, KeyNexus is a uniquely capable vendor.
The next chapter is unfolding.   As we continue to build an ecosystem of amazing platform integrations and partner with well-known enterprise technologies, we meet our goal of more effectively serving our customers.  KeyNexus is growing and innovating.  We look forward to working with you to write the next chapter of this story.