Data Sheet: KeyNexus Embedded Solution
Get the Benefits of HSM without the Overhead that Comes Along with It
Embedding KeyNexus into your hardware device reduces latency, is less expensive, and is easier to scale than a traditional HSM deployment.
KeyNexus raises any platform it is embedded on to a higher level of FIPS compliance, bringing HSM security right where it’s needed. KeyNexus’ embedded solution delivers:
  • Key Management
    KeyNexus is a complete key management system, and supports a robust key management lifecycle
  • Centralization
    Centralized key management consolidates control of operations
  • Scalability
    KeyNexus can connect multiple embedded HSMs to strengthen your product’s security and resiliency.
  • Key Generation
    Generate keys or import and manage custom keys.
  • Key Rotation
    Programmatically rotate encryption keys based on a schedule or on demand.
  • Logging and Auditing
    All operations that go through the KeyNexus API are written to the audit log and can be stored on a syslog server.
KeyNexus is an Innovative, Flexible Key Management Service that Can Be Embedded in Multiple Hardware Platforms, is Inexpensive to Implement, and Replaces the Need for a Standalone HSM Solution

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