Data Sheet: KeyNexus KMIP Solution
Bring Your Own Key, Customize Encryption Management using KMIP to Meet Your Unique Needs
Enterprises Thrive on Easy Customization; KeyNexus Delivers Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for Every Possible Use Case


KeyNexus’ scalable KMIP-based approach to key management stays secure across storage, MSSP, regulated industries and IoT, and delivers:
  • Any-to-Any Connectivity using BYOK, KMIP Server and REST API
    KMIP server compatibility and adaptable REST API connectivity delivers easy to deploy and manage SaaS and IaaS BYOK instances; company secures virtualized environments like vSphere, NetApp or Nutanix, hardware-based storage and big data instances
  • Secure Storage
    Secure business storage on-prem and cloud access, confidential content, large scale secure media content (e.g. Sony Pictures hack) over hardware-based storage, e.g. SANs; Network storage encryption increasingly requires a KMIP-compliant server
  • Managed Services (MSSP)
    Multi-tenant scale of KMIP-based Key Management workflows on behalf of customers to automate customer onboarding and dramatically increase the combined value of the KMS offering
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Compliance visibility benefit for regulated industries securely scaling both new and legacy workflows; interoperability and KMS lifecycle workflow support for most pre-existing key management schemes; FIPS in near-term future
  • Additional Use Cases
    KMIP ensures IoT scale, Manages active enterprise data breaches, Cloud Service Providers (CSP), SaaS application security including CASB and businesses looking to BYOK to centrally administer KMS across the enterprise; SAML-like use cases including Authorization services and Back office transactions
Millions of Users and Processes Already Futureproof Encryption by Consolidating Multiple KMS Cul De Sacs and Eliminating Blind Spots Across On-Prem, Hybrid, Cloud and Even Emerging IoT App Environments


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KMIP Delivers One Key to Rule Them All

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