Universal Key Management and Storage for all Your Sensitive Workloads


Instead of piecing together a key management service (KMS) based on encryption keys from discrete apps, cloud subscriptions or processes, KeyNexus offers enterprise users a unified KMS (UKM) approach in a variety of form factors including cloud, on-premise and hybrid.

The entire product line supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), a simple, extensible protocol, allowing communication across encryption systems, from new to legacy enterprise applications.

UKM allows enterprises to leverage a single central key management server and then connect a wide variety of security use cases to it, eliminating the need to support varied cryptographic environments and proprietary protocols. This dramatically reduces the complexity of the encryption key.


  • Deliver highly adaptive and flexible deployments with REST-APIs and KMIP to remove traditional KMS complexity and silos.
  • Reduce high Opex/Capex costs
  • Centralized key management for cloud, multi-cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments
  • Block malicious and unauthorized access
  • Eliminate proprietary vendor lock-in
  • Offer ultra-high availability performance
  • Provide high key volumes with low-latency
  • Quick and easy setup and maintenance of single or multi-node clusters
  • Access easy-to-use dashboards and reporting through advanced UI functionality
  • Ensure easy customization or interoperability across vendors including Bring Your own Key (BYOK) and Customer Supplied Encryption Keys (CSEK) capabilities
  • Remove dependence on expensive single purpose legacy crypto-specific Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

All KeyNexus UKM functionality is available across all solutions. KeyNexus ensures enterprises address the complete KMS lifecycle including consolidation of local key stores and distributed applications, as well as unique single-purpose key management projects. Users depend on UKM to gain full control over encryption key access, distribution, storage and ownership.  Customers benefit with a consistent KMS user experience across every business app and cloud service to meet compliance automation needs while avoiding confidential data leakage.

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