An average enterprise worker depends on more than 36 cloud services every single day. Ensuring secure use of these services requires a scalable KMS.

Best practice security to ensure safe usage of all these services can require enterprises to Bring their own Keys (BYOK) to the cloud and manage them from a centralized UKM like KeyNexus. BYOK opportunities for UKM ecosystem partners include storage/SAN providers, IaaS/SaaS, and virtualized environments like vSphere.

Purpose-built for developers of Cloud-based, Enterprise, SaaS or Mobile applications, KeyNexus Cloud is redundant and pending FIPS 140-2 compliance.  Businesses employ KeyNexus UKM alongside encryption, and countless other security workflows, in cloud or enterprise environments to maintain secure, offsite storage of encryption keys, effectively separating the lock from the key.

KeyNexus UKM Cloud extends the entire KMS lifecycle across 100’s to 10’s of thousands of user-specific apps or workflows economically. This vastly enhances the value of KeyNexus with widely-used cloud services including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as various SaaS platforms, through a robust set of easily consumed APIs and KMIP client interfaces for simple integration.

Cloud-based applications provide numerous enterprise cost and time-saving benefits however managing and storing keys separately from the cloud/SaaS providers is a challenge. KeyNexus UKM Cloud API delivers best-in-class user experience including secure login, user creation, key generation and rotation, and security policy enforcement against key lifecycle activities such as provisioning.  KeyNexus UKM Cloud offers quick, clean and efficient key storage integration into nearly any enterprise process, application or workload.

Unified Key Managment in the CloudKeyNexus UKM Cloud ensures maximum performance and throughput.

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KeyNexus UKM provides a single platform that manages all your encryption key functionality and storage.

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