The broad deployment options address single to global app workflows and leave enterprises to decide what’s best for their specific KMS needs. Most competitors lack KeyNexus’ SAML 2.0 enabled federated authentication, resulting in a fragmented and hard-to-manage authentication solution.

Often, these KMS options are an afterthought built on top of an existing Hardware Security Module (HSM), storage, cloud, encryption or platform solution. Most competitor integrations also lack the comprehensive singular view KeyNexus offers.

We believe enterprises deserve a one-stop approach to key management. Customers gain a flexible enterprise UKM self-provisioning architecture with an option to bring your own key (BYOK) alongside future-proofed consistent use of encryption across all apps, domains and use cases, both in the cloud or on-premise/KMS as a service.

Scalability is critical to offer Key Management as a Managed Service. By offering thousands to millions of concurrent keys, our UKM solution scales to the largest enterprise needs including IoT, time-sensitive financial services and legacy business processes. As the enterprise need for encryption key management grows, KeyNexus’s centralized approach scales alongside all of your on-premise and cloud-based encryption key management requirements. Your team saves both time and money with reduced operation overhead, regulatory compliance, system-wide analytics and no need to purchase additional key management infrastructure. KeyNexus automatically scales to meet  enterprise encryption needs.

Key Consumption WorkflowKeyNexus' UKM is distributed and highly available, ensuring that critical applications run without interruption.

Alongside scalability, the KeyNexus solution ensures easy deployment and high-availability (HA) for the most latency and time-sensitive business processes. By automating the master key creation, enterprise keys are available on demand, when you need to access them. The KeyNexus UKM solution supports multi-nodal high availability with master-master server configurations. This further helps enterprise business applications, process and storage resiliency planning and latency reduction goals.

Encryption key management is a critical component of your infrastructure. If your key manager goes down, your applications and critical workloads stop functioning until a backup can be restored. High Availability deployments  eliminate this single point of failure. Even if the single point doesn’t fully fail, this barrier prevents easy scalability and contributes to poor application response time. Using a distributed, high availability configuration, KeyNexus ensures critical applications continue running without interruption.

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KeyNexus UKM provides a single platform that manages all your encryption key functionality and storage.

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