Enterprises require scalable security management to match their unique deployments. KeyNexus offers a turnkey Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) server and REST API functionality to help businesses embrace modern development flexibility, easily lowering OPEX, CAPEX and maintenance costs.

This contrasts with competitive offerings that offer a toolkit/SDK helpful only for building a system from scratch. IT storage, security infrastructure and cloud deployments are among the most demanding industry needs for KMIP interoperability. The problem is that most industry KMS solutions are only starting to build robust KMIP server capabilities, and those approaches likely lack companion customizable REST API functionality.

KMIP and Enterprise Key ManagementWith KMIP each application only requires support for one protocol.

Our solution is readily consumable and easy to deploy, delivering on the promise of simplifying key management through a single standard. KeyNexus’ highly-scalable, open approach overcomes proprietary and export/provisioning limitations of legacy KMS and KMS-specific HSM modules. Storage-specific KMIP server requirements include FIPS 140-2 external key generation, multiple version key support during rekey, backup and recovery of device specific key sets and vaulting master authentication key.


KeyNexus offers Key Management Interoperability Protocol server support for versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (1.3,1.4 pending) and provides an optional, easy-to-setup, GUI-based client to help you test and verify operability with an array of pre-existing test templates.

Supported KMIP Profiles: 

  • Baseline Server TLS v1.2 KMIP 1.0,1.1,1.2 Profile Conformance
  • Baseline Server KMIP 1.3,1.4 Profile Pending
  • Secret Data KMIP Profile
  • Basic Symmetric Key Store and Server KMIP Profile
  • Basic Symmetric Key Foundry and Server KMIP Profile

Supported KMIP Operations: 

  • Create, Create Key Pair, Register, Re-key, Derive Key, Locate, Check, Get, Get Attributes, Get Attribute List, Add Attribute, Modify Attribute, Delete Attribute, Activate, Revoke, Destroy, Query, Discover Versions, Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, Signature Verify, MAC, MAC Verify, RNG Retrieve, RNG Seed, Hash

Supported KMIP Objects: 

  • Certificate, Opaque Object, Private Key, Public Key, Secret Data, Split Key (currently supports registering split key), Symmetric Key, Template

KMIP Data Sheet

Consolidate, secure and control your encryption keys across your entire encryption environment with the KeyNexus KMIP Server.

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