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Let us share with you how KeyNexus addresses your highly customizable encryption key management needs regarding security, compliance, business process and cost of operations trade-offs.
One Key Manager For All  Your Use Cases, Eliminate Costly Data Breaches: Unify Costly Encryption Key Silos Across Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Deployments
KeyNexus’ solution offers enterprises the last key management solution (KMS) you’ll ever need. Resolve your security needs economically with unparalleled customization, interoperability and scalability using a powerful REST API and KMIP server advancements. Automate and simplify the KMS lifecycle with easy-to-use, futureproof KeyNexus Unified Key Management (UKM) solution.
Innovative KeyNexus UKM offers you:
  • On-premise or in the cloud virtualized encryption silos for multi-national enterprises
  • Lowest Industry Opex and Capex costs
  • Massive scalability and real-time redundancy for the most demanding environments
  • Zero proprietary limitations of legacy KMS and KMS-specific HSM
Data breaches can cost businesses like yours an average $141 per record.


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