Unified Key Management and Storage for all Your Sensitive Workloads


Poorly managed or even unmanaged encryption keys often leads to costly security breaches. Enterprise encryption is increasingly difficult to manage as cloud adoption struggles to keep pace with cloud efficiencies.

This situation is growing more important as business works to manage the exploding number of cloud apps and corresponding cloud budget rapidly expands.

As businesses grow their number of on-premise apps, cloud apps and business processes, there exists a near infinite compounding of the layers of complexity. To simplify and securely manage these apps and processes across numerous use cases, KeyNexus offers an innovative Unified Key Management (UKM) solution to streamline and automate the management of all apps including scaling Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) throughout the entire KMS lifecycle.

Securing IoT and Other Embedded Processes

Enterprises require numerous KMS solutions to help their IT departments seamlessly protect keys, secrets and credentials across multiple applications and use cases, both on-premise and in the cloud. A growing area for connected business is Internet of Things (IoT) where encryption is embedded in a device or process including storage and databases. The sheer number of IoT connections reaching billions leaves traditional KMS woefully unprepared to scale and support most IoT deployments. Through KeyNexus’ REST API flexibility and KMIP server support, businesses gain the unique ability to solve the problem of securing IoT and other embedded processes while meeting any regulatory compliance or auditing needs too.

The KeyNexus UKM solution is also Multi-Cloud-Ready for adaptive deployment and clustering since most enterprises realize the need to protect against the loss of control over sensitive data. When data flows outside of the company’s IT on-premise environment, information privacy including KMS needs to be front and center.

Managing the KMS on behalf of their enterprise client infrastructure and cloud resources is another option well served through KeyNexus multi-tenant Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) solution capable of supporting many clients through a unique UKM approach. MSSPs handle hundreds to millions of key requests in near real-time including app and infrastructure changes, modifications, and upgrades. MSSPs benefit to enterprises is to overcome a shortage of skilled security labor. With thousands to millions of enterprise business processes covering so many cloud apps, it’s increasingly difficult to find and afford skilled staff. Plus, MSSP-based KMS offers valuable real-time monitoring in many regulated environments like financial services.

Deliver Advanced Key Management

For KMaaS, BYOK, and IoT, plus REST API Flexibility for Embedded Requirements

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