Deploy Highly Available Key Management Clusters Adaptive to Your Business Needs

Your business isn’t static. You have operations across multiple clouds, on-premise and in a number of different operational environments.

Some customers need self managed key management capabilities in the cloud. Some require fully on-premise key management. Some require a hybrid approach that combines both. With KeyNexus Unified Key Management (UKM), you have the flexibility to deploy key management in any environment.

Imagine being able to deploy a HA cluster of virtual Hardware Security Modules (vHSMs), across your unique environment, where each vHSM can run in a different cloud or virtual environment. With the flexible and adaptive KeyNexus UKM, the challenge of deploying simultaneously in a variety of locations/environments, as well as layering on clustering, replication and HA has been solved. The KeyNexus solution solves the hybrid multi-cloud clustering problem with simple and easy deployment options.


  • Deploy your key management service anywhere, anytime.
  • Ensure performance standards by co-locating your vHSMs with your performance-sensitive application.
  • Reduce the risk of your vHSM going down by using distributed clustering.
  • Easy-to-setup and manage.
  • Redundancy across multiple geographies.
  • Single view of all key management stores.

KeyNexus UKM

Consolidate, secure and control your encryption keys across your entire encryption environment with the flexible KeyNexus UKM. Find out how!

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