Managed security service providers (MSSP) offer KMS on behalf of their enterprise client infrastructure and cloud resources. KeyNexus offers a revenue-generating multi-tenant solution capable of scaling to many clients through a unique UKM approach.

This KMS approach handles hundreds to millions of key requests in near real- time including app and infrastructure changes, modifications, and upgrades. Industry-leading REST API customization, manageability, multi-tenancy, and KMIP server functionality make KeyNexus an excellent MSSP solution for delivering enterprise grade key management offerings

Another reason MSSPs benefit enterprises is to overcome a shortage of skilled security labor. With thousands to millions of enterprise business processes covering so many cloud apps, it’s increasingly difficult to find and afford skilled staff. Plus, MSSP-based KMS offers valuable real-time monitoring in many regulated environments like financial services. Analytics, like those found in the KeyNexus solution, actively monitor security incidents without disrupting network performance and business process availability. The inherent complexity of a multilayered enterprise is very time-consuming and increases the risk of a data breach or costly regulation violations.

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