Consolidate Your Key Management

Universal key management and storage for all your sensitive workloads

Key Storage as a Service (KSaaS)

At KeyNexus we recognized that modern IT departments need seamless protection of keys, secrets and credentials across multiple applications and use cases, both on-premise and in the cloud. Satisfying complex key management and storage needs with a single, integrated platform means universality is a must.  Sound like a pipe dream?  Not any more –  KeyNexus encryption Key Storage as a Service is a one stop Key management solution.  Meaning?  Incredible efficiency, reduced cost, reduced risk, less time spent on management and training, and one key management partner – KeyNexus.

KeyNexus pioneered the Key Storage as a Service (KSaaS) space with a key management platform designed for modern, diverse workflows. Only KeyNexus offers – in a unified architecture – a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to handle your unique encrption key storage needs.


KeyNexus is the InfoSec company focused on solving key management problems for the enterprise, the cloud, and all the interesting stuff in between.  Do you require keys stored on your own HSMs – “on prem”?  Considering KSaaS within cloud hosted HSMs?  Moving away from HSMs altogether?  We have a solution to securely store and access your keys 24×7, when and where you need them.  Our architecture delivers the protection advantages of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), but across a vastly wider array of workloads and within virtually any environment.

Supporting the widest array of use cases

  • KeyNexus On-Premise (Private Cloud) – Fully self-contained key management and storage platform delivered in a variety of VM formats or containers. Learn more…
  • KeyNexus Cloud (Public Cloud) – Cloud-based key storage in FIPS 140-2 validated HSMs, delivered as a service and deployable in minutes.  Learn more…
  • KeyNexus KMIP Server – Full functioning KMIP server, deployable on-premise or in the cloud in minutes. Learn more…
  • KeyNexus On-Prem HSM extension – Add advanced key management, policy control and thousands of new cloud and on-prem use cases to your existing HSM infrastructure.  Learn more…
  • Hybrid Cloud – Combine multiple KeyNexus delivery models to customize your cloud migration journey.
  • Devops friendly – Easy to consume access via API, REST, or KMIP interfaces
  • Integration w/ AWS S3 and EBS encryption, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and many more
  • Integration options for LTO tape drives, encrypted arrays, IoT and custom hardware form factors