Key Management and Storage for Cloud Speed

HSM-backed enterprise key storage anywhere, anytime

KeyNexus Cloud Based Key Storage

KeyNexus Cloud based key storage is an encryption-key and secrets storage and provisioning service.  Purpose-built for developers of Cloud-based, Enterprise, SaaS or Mobile applications, KeyNexus Cloud is secured and powered by redundant, FIPS 140-2 compliant, enterprise-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).  Businesses can employ encryption, and countless other security workflows, in cloud or enterprise environments while maintaining secure, offsite storage of encryption keys, effectively separating the lock from the key.

KeyNexus, a pioneer in the space of Key Storage as a Service (KSaaS) offers both cloud based key storage (KeyNexus Cloud) and on-premise-based key storage (KeyNexus Enterprise).  All delivered via network addressable APIs that modern IT architecture demands.

Why KSaaS?

  • Need or desire FIPS 140-2 certified, HSM-based key storage?
  • Ready to switch to cloud-hosted storage of your keys, with the attendant savings?
  • Are other cloud-based (IaaS) key management systems lacking features, use cases and key ownership/access assurances?

If the answer to any of these is Yes, then KeyNexus’ is your solution.

Flexible and Resilient

KeyNexus Cloud runs multiple, highly available, geo-dispersed HSMs.  You benefit from a full, enterprise-grade, HSM-backed key management solution, without the cost and complexity of HSM hardware.  Your team can focus on building critical workloads that matter to your enterprise.   User-experience – login, create users, generate keys, link to users, setup security policies for provisioning – is straightforward and clean.  KeyNexus Cloud based key storage:  Quick, clean and efficient key storage integration into any workload – without the cost and time overhead of managing HSMs.

KeyNexus Cloud is your logical choice if you need crucial use-cases like AWS S3 Server Side Encryption with customer supplied keys,  S3-ElasticSearch, IaaS or on-prem volume or database encryption.  Any workload that needs to reference keys or credentials for security protection can be protected with KeyNexus Cloud via our KeyNexus On-demand API.


KeyNexus operates a highly resilient, multi-tiered and hardened key management and storage platform in AWS cloud.  KeyNexus extends the value of AWS’ CloudHSM (more on AWS CloudHSM here) by offering a robust set of easily consumed APIs and interfaces for simple integration.  But where AWS CloudHSM can be expensive, with limited and complex integration and no external (non-AWS) use cases, KeyNexus steps in with advanced key management, user and key-level policy enforcement, a key management portal, detailed auditing and logging and easy setup & consumption.

If CloudHSM fits your workflow and regulatory requirements but you need low barriers to entry, and more sophisticated features and controls, try before you buy and contact KeyNexus.