Separate the lock from the key

Project the power of on-premise key storage into the cloud

KeyNexus Enterprise On-Premise Overview

KeyNexus Enterprise On-Premise – Designed for organizations looking for a single, universal platform to consolidate encryption key management and storage across all workloads.  Cloud, virtualization, mobility, IoT, and hyper-convergence opportunities abound.  But they also create uncertainty.  How can security and risk-management teams confidently make constructive contributions to these developments?  KeyNexus Enterprise On-Premise, whether on-prem, in cloud, and even with complex, existing HSM infrastructure deployments.

Until now, encryption key management and storage within the Enterprise perimeter involved trade-offs of indeterminate risk.  Leveraging existing HSMs (when feasible), while simultaneously projecting key safety and utility to workload arrays both in and out of the cloud meant either:

  • Keys locked away in an Enterprise HSM, segregated from in-demand cloud/SaaS-based use cases, or,
  • Copy, creation, distribution, and local storage of keys via risky “DIY” methods.

Why KeyNexus?

KeyNexus delivers the certainty of on-premise key storage and the utility of diverse workload key consumption, with its pioneering, on-premise encryption key management platform.   Enterprises can centrally store, manage, and consolidate key-management functions across private-cloud, public-cloud, SaaS, and a range of IoT endpoint devices.

KeyNexus baseline architecture installs as an on-prem VM, intermediating communication between your HSMs and diverse workloads requiring access to keys.  You can also choose to securely store keys in lieu of an HSM, for maximum flexibility in deployment architectures and cost planning.  Deploy as many actively synchronized KeyNexus nodes as you require to meet redundancy and failover requirements; all with master-capable and locally available hosts to minimize endpoint workflow latency.  What’s more, Enterprises can customize access policies, key rotation, and key splitting requirements as desired for ease of implementation.  Finally, each workload class can be granted access via well-known authentication protocols that allow an in-memory-only copy of a key, present only for duration of use.

KeyNexus provides Enterprise-grade KSaaS with unique features not found elsewhere:

  • On-prem keystore supporting the widest array of workloads
  • Fundamental innovations on key rotation, key splitting, and policy enforcement.
  • Modern HA architecture and internal redundancies which enable resilient deployment architectures
  • Ultra-high performance.  High key volumes with low-latency

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