Key Management and Provisioning by APIs

Manage and provision keys the way you want

KeyNexus OnDemand APIs Overview

Enterprise IT teams today are mid-stride towards hyper-converged infrastructure migration.  When key and secrets-management, are central to this change, KeyNexus is your essential partner. KeyNexus delivers a solution in multiple form factors, with multiple integration options. KeyNexus OnDemand Key management API Suite allows developers and DevOps to leverage strongly secured keys and secrets without taking focus off of their core work.

In addition to custom integrations with core cloud services (both on-prem and SaaS based) KeyNexus OnDemand API Suite provides the broadest implementation flexibility.  Offering key-management capabilities via RESTful API, or popular programming languages, Key management API Suite easily integrates into virtually any implementation path your development team chooses.  Contact Us to learn more.

The KeyNexus Difference

KeyNexus OnDemand API Suite encapsulates complexity so your team doesn’t have to worry about back-end key storage implementation details.  Want to start with a SaaS-based service and code against our API?  No problemPrefer to integrate with on-prem HSMs but still use the same API?  Again, no problem at all.  Most importantly, if you are mid-way through migration into a complex hybrid cloud environment; then we’re the platform for you.  The KeyNexus OnDemand API Suite allows coders to integrate into one standardized API while abstracting away the behind-the-scenes complexity of implementation details.

To many teams, what matters most is flexibility on the nature of the key management interface.  Of course your team expects REST and API access to keys and secrets, but for the management of keys; some teams prefer APIs and others prefer a GUI or KMIP protocol.  KeyNexus provides the flexibility that you expect by supporting various interface styles.


  • Native support for key management in the following languages:
    • Java
    • Python
    • NodeJS
    • Ruby
    • JavaScript
    • .Net
    • C++
    • and more
  • Protect many types of keys/secrets including:
    • Symmetric keys
    • Asymmetric keys (public-private keys pairs)
    • Time-vaulted/Deny-until secrets
    • Certificates
    • Authentication tokens/secrets
    • Login credentials
    • User-defined secrets
  • API enabled remote key management including:
    • Key Creation & Deletion
    • Key Rotation
    • Key Provisioning
    • API User Creation & Deletion
    • Policy creation/modification
    • Batch key creation and provisioning
    • Let us know what API functions would help you…
  • Core Enterprise requirements including:
    • High Availability & Scalability
    • API and GUI interfaces
    • Simple JSON formatted APIs
    • Graceful usability
      • easy setup, login, user & key creation, provisioning, etc.
    • KMIP interfaces
    • External logging and auditing
    • Integration and tech support
    • Ultra-high key volumes and high performance
    • Out-of-the-box integrations with numerous enterprise vendors/use cases
    • Agile responsiveness to customer-requested features & custom deployment