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Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) & Customer-Supplied Encryption Key (CSEK)

Control your sensitive data across IaaS, SaaS and PaaS

It is generally agreed among security professionals that encryption continues to be the best technology for securing data against breaches as well as limiting government access. But when organizations decide to move their data to a cloud provider, they are giving the cloud provider access to their keys.

This is often a show stopper for highly regulated industries that need to meet intense legal requirements. And many organizations simply can’t accept handing over their keys to a cloud provider.

For organizations to fully embrace the cloud story and all the efficiencies it promises, they need to employ solid data security practices, including encryption that provides full control of keys residing within the organization.

Enable BYOK with Unified Key Management
Using KeyNexus’ UKM approach gives customers the ability to deploy a flexible architecture with an option to bring your own key (BYOK).

BYOK, also referred to as Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys (CSEK), gives business users an important encryption key management control for data held off premise in the cloud.

Using a public cloud and allowing businesses to keep exclusive control of the encryption is a popular trend. BYOK ensures encryption keys remain in the hands of the business, regardless of location. If the content owner disables access to the keys, it becomes impossible for the information to be decrypted by a third-party service provider or anyone else.

Key Advantages of BYOK:

  • Adhere to regulatory best practices of separating the lock from the key.
  • Platform agnostic – one key manager for all your cloud needs.
  • Superior ROI for a multi-cloud and hybrid strategy.
  • Deploy specific applications not tied the CSPs architecture.


Maintain control of your key across cloud service providers, while simplifying the complexity that is inherent in this approach.

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