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Most established firms have business processes using encryption keys to safeguard their assets. Migrating encryption keys to a new platform is inherently difficult or seemingly impossible.

Microsoft even went so far as to say legacy KMS migration is “essentially impossible.” Not true, fortunately, thanks to the KeyNexus UKM offering. Enterprises count on existing secure process throughout their workforce. IT may or may not have these secure business processes documented. Implementing any new cloud or on-premise app offering adds more business data for secure transmission and storage.

Mapping existing functionality, figuring out how it will work in the new system, including dependencies is extremely complex. Most companies and government agencies consider a 35 percent modernization a success.

How will you manage the KMS functionality gap? The answer is legacy KMS customization through KeyNexus UKM REST API functionality plus KMIP server functionality. Now, your firm has options for moving the ERP datastore, the eCommerce or legacy CRM datastore without leaving the secure data or processes behind. UKM allows you to prioritize missing functions and capture 15 percent or more of that missing KMS functionality according to SANS Research. Businesses must be careful to document any legacy modernization situation where processes emerge on a new system. IT needs to communicate when certain legacy processes used in the past are not functionality supported in the new KMS.

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