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Integrate PGP across your encryption environment

Since first introduced in 1991, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) has been used as an encryption method for text, email, directories and even disk partitions by using public and private key pairs for encrypting and decrypting data.

Many companies have been using PGP for years, and managing these keys along side more modern solutions for data encryption can be problematic, resulting in a fractured key management environment.

KeyNexus can be used to centralize the management of these keys, allowing continued access to the data these keys protect, while at the same time providing an industry-leading KMS for all your new data encryption requirements.

Like so many other key management workflows, PGP keys need to be properly managed to be secure.

KeyNexus can help with full key lifecycle management and direct integrations into PGP and GPG. PGP is only one example of 3rd party key encryption methods that can be imported, stored and managed with KeyNexus.

KeyNexus has worked with customers that already use PGP but needed a better way to store the keys.

Bring your existing encryption keys under one roof.

Do you have existing PGP or other legacy encryption keys that require a centralized approach to key management?

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