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Traditional key management systems make it difficult to programmatically perform various key management functions. Attempting to manage your encryption keys manually opens you up to a myriad of potential issues. A manual approach requires time as each step in key generation, rotation or policy enforcement must be performed multiple times for many keys.

Old-style key managers are driven by complex, error prone command-line interfaces. KeyNexus has done away with this approach with its flexible REST API.

Key management is much more than merely creating or provisioning a key. Since most interaction with your key management system is at the application level, it’s important to provide businesses with the ability to script or automate most of their key management functions. KeyNexus provides this ability with a robust, modern and secure REST API.


When automating key management workflows there are more options than just the standard HSM. Often you will find requirements for managing users, security policies or advanced authentication. An example of this is KMIP. While KMIP can simplify features like key exchange and managing key states, functions like advanced authentication and security policies are much more difficult to manage. The KeyNexus API allows you to manage all elements of the key management lifecycle, including users, authentication, policies and even metadata.

The combination of KMIP support and API driven capabilities allows you to automate nearly any key management workflow from end-to-end and meet compliance objectives by removing humans from the equation. What’s more, by using KMIP and REST API, you can take a much more standardized approach to your automation workflow.

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