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Easy and effortless virtual machine encryption for vSphere 6.5

While encryption of virtual machines has been happening for many years, it hasn’t gained much in popularity because of the impact on performance and operational challenges. With the announcement of vSphere 6.5, VM encryption is done at the hypervisor level, “beneath” the virtual machine.

With this approach VMware has addressed many security and policy issues, including implementing encryption as a policy, resulting in simplified administration and operational overhead.

In order to take advantage of these new VMware encryption features, organizations using vSphere must use an external key manager to enable encryption. VMware has given flexibility to its customers by supporting the key management interoperability standard KMIP 1.1. This approach ensures VM keys do not persist in vCenter and lessens enterprise security attack vectors.

Simple and Powerful Key Management

KeyNexus makes it easy for organizations to deploy vSphere 6.5 encryption capabilities by providing a fully compliant KMIP server with cutting-edge key lifecycle management.

With the KeyNexus KMIP Server you get:

  • Easy-to-setup and use administrative controls through both an advanced UI and REST API
  • Advanced high availability (HA) architecture ensuring redundancy across your infrastructure
  • The leading KMIP server enabling comprehensive use of KMIP objects, attributes, operations, message elements and authentication methods

KeyNexus is committed to overcoming the old paradigm of hard-to-use, fragmented key management silos by bringing trust and control to encryption key management through a centralized key management approach that gives power, flexibility and advanced functionality to its users.

Encryption key management doesn’t have to be difficult and KeyNexus is here to help you understand how simple it is to use VMware vSphere encryption with the right key manager.

Unified Key Management

KeyNexus provides a single platform that manages all your encryption key functionality and storage.

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