Why KeyNexus

Instead of piecing together a KMS based on disparate encryption keys from your many diverse apps, cloud subscriptions or processes, KeyNexus offers enterprise users a unified KMS (UKM) approach in a variety of form factors including cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments.

We are an innovator in creating customizable and flexible key management solutions. The company helps businesses properly secure cloud computing, virtualization, IoT, and legacy environments. We help businesses address an ever-shifting and complex threat landscape.

Our UKM solution gives you the keys to drive an opportunity to revolutionize and advance Enterprise Key Management and Storage.

Our customers and partners recognize that de-centralization and distribution of workloads requires a new approach to encryption key storage that overcomes the inflexibility of the old model. As a result, KeyNexus UKM offers solutions that meet customer demand for secure, platform agnostic and centralized key management, storage and provisioning.


Our UKM approach aligns closely with customers and security architects by delivering scalable KMS for many secure data assets. KeyNexus continuously solves unique customer key storage requirements. We rapidly evolve our products and solutions in-tandem with the security needs of cloud, SaaS, mobile and enterprise industries.


Security doesn’t just reduce risk, it’s an enabler of the business initiatives throughout a corporation’s digital life – ecommerce, digital IDs, connected cars and even internet of things (IoT) plus the emerging embedded home network.

KeyNexus offers four unique KMS advantages to customers and partners:


1. Lowest KMS Lifecycle Capex and Opex Costs
Customers use our UKM solution to simplify encryption key management, lower operation costs while at the same time reducing expenditures on multiple KMS products. Businesses depend on KeyNexus to avoid proprietary and expensive KMS vendor lock in, including setup and on-going maintenance costs. No pro services required! To support growing cloud usages, we also help automate Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) capabilities.

2. Quick and Easy Deployment 
KeyNexus provides security professionals the ability to deploy key management in minutes vs weeks-to-months with industry incumbents. Setup is quick and easy with both our on-premise and cloud platforms so you can spend more time on the apps your are protecting than on the key management itself.


3. Futureproof KMS with REST API and KMIP Customization
Our ability to unify all your business KMS processes in a centralized, virtual appliance or cloud service delivers IT ease of use. Providing widely accessible risk reduction via GUI, integrated REST API-enhanced workflows and KMIP standardization helps KeyNexus deliver rapid customization, logging, dashboard auditing and monitoring for all deployment scenarios.

4.  High Feature Velocity, Scalability and Multi-Tenant Capabilities
Unlike the industry’s history of inflexible, non-adaptable, hardware-based solutions, KeyNexus drives continual platform innovation due to our high-velocity new-feature development approach.

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